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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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vehicles off the road.1100-1600 reduction in personal omissions because of car sharing.members --zip car; this legislation will allow us to serve currently underserved communities by going into otherwise prohibited areas.all, thank you. >>: thank you very much. any additional public comment? go ahead.hill neighbors.
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i have signed the student perhaps i didn't understand the point you just made. personally i support car sharing in general. i would be concerned if they were adding spaces to residential buildings that would not be there if it were not for car sharing. car sharing can be put into commercial buildings and hotels in our district and i mentioned thishill neighbors are opposing, and the developer is offering amenities that would support his conditional use, eliminating a senior housing that we are supporting, an extra car share units. i am bringing that up because maybe what you said it cannot be used in a conditional use but at any rate they're trying to do that.
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i hope that he could not possiblyback, and offer, which he is trying to do to get his conditional approval. >>: any other comments?douglas -- i would like to speak in opposition to this.jurisdiction so to speak. the city has plenty of problems especially after yesterday's ballgame.what use. there was a comment made orrectly --and advocate.
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we are supposed to have impartial representation rather than people pushing certain agendas. it sounds strange that people should recuse themselves; i think it is opposite san francisco has gone way downhill, one of the reasons is because of special interests. since we are dealing with land use i would like to make a suggestion that since the 49ers are leaving after next year, you should consider the idea of turning candlestick park into a shopping area; from what i hear the only people hanging out there are undesirables.
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>> supervisor wiener: any other members of the public who would like to make a common item two? seeing none public comment is closed. (gavel) colleagues any additional comments? do i have a motion to forward this do i have a motion to forward this with positive recommendation? can we do this without objection?(gavel) item 3. ordinance amending the housing code, section 206, to add section 1002 to the list of retroactive provisions; section 505, to require grab bars in hotel common-use water closets and bathing facilities; section 1002, to include as a substandard housing condition the failure to provide a usable telephone jack and telephone wiring as required by the california civil code; and making environmental findings, legislative findings, and findings pursuant to california health and safety code, section 17958.5 >>: i wanted to say that this ordinance that we are hearing,
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land use will make housing safer for many seniors. i once also right from the start say that this is an effort to empower seniors and people who live in single room occupancy hotels and people with disabilities. collaborative actions and many others. it is a wonderful to work with them, about empowering some of the most honorable people.3 i work with many organizations, grassroots groups.6, 9,
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chinatown, tenderlon.avalos, supervisor olage.many community-based groups of look at the condition and gave strong concrete recommendations that we are implementing the first part. this is just the first step. the seniors and people with disabilities face increasing challenges. francisco's official policies to support our seniors and aging folks as we age in place. the city has no comprehensive strategy for serving those who by choice or circumstance live in residential hotels.esro
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collaboratives, reduce this report which-- i met sponsor legislation that will help people meant these legislations. i wonder to also say is special thanks goes to the department of building inspection chief housing inspector rosemary bosque for her great leadership, and providing technical assistance to our office.-- for her amazing today addresses two key legislations. the first mandated residential hotels provide rooms with workingshared bathrooms.
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the cost of these requirements is little relative to the benefit that the residents will reap. it will enhance the quality of life and safety upgrades to the building. the risk of the senior suffering a broken bone from slip on the shower or a disabled person not being able to communicate with service providers are problems that will be drastically diminished with the passing of this ordinance. increasing the safety for some of our most vulnerable residents is so important but also saving the city money in these preventive measures is critical. in order to develop a set of guidelines that are implementable as well as cost-effective we have to move with measures like this.
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and though the ordinance will be affected within 30 days of its passage there will be no notices of violation issued for the first six months after the ordinance passes.hotel, an important mailing and outreach that will take place and for owners to have time to consultothers, and technical assistance guide developed by the mayor's office on this ability as well . significant revisions and thanks to the city attorneys office for this.ordinance received unanimous the ordinance is effective
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owners to make these programs quickly. it also allows for different room configurations to be taking into consideration installing grab bars;becomes effective." the legislation is also presented to the esra task force and it has been well received; we have a number of recitations. rosemary boske.supervisor kim?
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supervisor mar. by calling the hearing and following up with a report, legislation that can support some of the research that was done and i do want to thank many of the residents here today; i know many of you work in conducting the actual survey among the seniors and disabled; i think the report is an amazing piece of work, i'm glad that we were able to putin.deanne for inviting me over and we looked at some of the bathrooms and some of the issues that our senior residentsexpressed;
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really excited to support this work today. i hope that we can continue to follow-up. i do think it is particularly important separate from the zra, and disabled individuals who apply for many of the affordable developments that are coming online; those are some of the many amenities included in the legislation. this is an important first step. i do appreciate the amendment put in place to encourage owners to follow up quickly by allowing them to bypass the fees. thank you. >> supervisor wiener: think you very much. >> supervisor wiener: think you very much. president chiu.mar for your leadership. i have a significant number of hotels
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in my district and one of the things that keeps me up at night our safety issues. the work that was done to target the specific safety issues and provide comments and solutions and making sure that the seniors are safe, residents with disabilities are safe, anyone who lives in the residential hotel, this legislation makes a lot of sense this legislation makes a lot of sensepercent safety. thank you for your work.from tbi. >>: mbers of the committee good afternoon.are about 18,000 rooms.
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and about 44% which is conservative,to 48%;percent of individuals the list in residential hotels are disabled, senior,place, soon to become the senior. this ordinance is very needed; kim for cosponsoring this legislation. the department of buildings action with the mayors office of disability and with the help of carla johnson and the collaborative are looking to do whatever we canas possible for property owners to comply quickly with the requirements of the ordinance. we are assisting carla johnson
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manual so that owners can use different construction materials and configurations. i can tell you the last time that the department of building inspection with respect to the commission was willing to waive fees but they felt so strongly about assortments that they wanted to go ahead and give that opportunity to the property owners within 60 days; the the ordinance comes into effect. we envision happening is that at about the time this goes into effect i will send a mass mailer mayor's office of disability manual and every type of information that we can to help the property owners and encourage them to come in and comply.ezra task force.ordinance to make sure
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that this is a success. thank you. (applause) >>: i thank you. under our board ruleshiss positive or negative so that we can proceed in an orderly manner. if you approve of something you can do it silently look like moving your fingersdown if you like something. that is the preferred way of doing it.up, i want to say that the concentration of seniors
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is huge;to 2030.people concentrated in all kinds of housing in the city. the increase will only go up. 8000 or so seniors are more, hotels is for their housings so making it safer this let me invite
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carla johnson from the mayors office on disability.director of the office of disability.director of the office of disability. place ezra collaborative and i want to offer my support to implement this legislation as well.ezra collaborative have done a good job at making a credible argument that this is so necessary. i want to reriterate some of the points made today. this legislation is about safety, but also by dignitygracefully in our homes and to live in the community
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of our choosing as seniors and people with disabilities.ada coordinator we have a lot of experience with single occupancy resident hotels;housing development projects which includesezra road; on the publicly funded project we have the opportunity to make them fully accessible and adaptable. private sros.considerarte and easy to implement.the side.the
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side. standard showers.code built for a larger is show difficult conditions using photographs and diagrams of these floor plans and to make recommendations for the actual placement for where the grab bars could be located. the technical assistance manual would also
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give some guidelines on give some guidelines on the safe installation of the grab bars so they can meet all of the load requirements because in order to be truly effectivebuilding framing. secure this. we have come up with cost effective and simple recommendations putting support on top of the existing wall finishessro property material across the wall;bars to.
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pictures, the diagrams per the recommended means of making an attachment that is secure and strong and reliable for the people who use it. so i believe that this legislation is smart, it is simple, and with a little technical advice and the waiver of the premises which is someone unpr
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